As one of only five farmers currently serving in the Assembly, Ed has a passion for Wisconsin’s 2nd largest industry. He has an appreciation for farms of all sizes – as a small dairy producer himself and former chairman of Foremost Farms, Ed understands all facets of Wisconsin’s agricultural sector. Last session, Ed worked with rural representative on both sides of the aisle to ensure the maintenance of a Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin program and to have the foreign land ownership provision removed from the budget.

Taxes And Spending

In 2008, when Ed first ran for the Assembly, he promised to work to reduce taxes. Ed has kept his promise. This last session, Ed voted for over $1.5 billion in tax cuts – including cuts targeted specifically at Wisconsin’s lower income brackets. Ed has worked with his colleagues to reduce wasteful spending and to ensure that West-central Wisconsin residents get the services that they deserve. 


Ed has been a firm advocate for rural education, t recently serving on the Speaker’s Task Force on Rural Schools. Ed supported the 2013-2015 budget that increased education spending by $300 million. In the upcoming session, Ed will continue to work with his colleagues on improving rural teacher retention, technology access, and transportation funding.

Higher education is also a major focus of Ed’s. He has supported legislation that encourages partnerships between local businesses, high schools, and tech colleges so that we can continue to grow good paying job opportunities right here in West-central Wisconsin.

Rural Issues

For over 30 years, Ed has served on the Reedsburg Town Board. He has put his local governmental experience to work in the Assembly as Chairman of the Urban and Local Affairs Committee. He has been instrumental in the passage of a Town TIF bill and several other pieces of legislation that improve the ability of rural communities to develop and grow.
This past session, Ed worked to secure funding for rural broadband, domestic violence prevention programs in rural areas, and securing funding for rural road maintenance.

Life Issues

As a father and grandfather, Ed has a deep appreciation for building a culture of life in Wisconsin. Ed has voted to ban sex-selective abortions, and has earned the endorsement of Wisconsin Right to Life.

Jobs & Economy

Family supporting jobs have been a priority for Ed Brooks since day 1. He has worked on legislation to allow for small business growth and development, to start apprenticeship programs, and to implement cottage food legislation in Wisconsin.

2nd Amendment

Ed has been and will remain a consistent supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He supported Wisconsin’s concealed carry law, the passage of the Castle Doctrine, and other laws that ensure the right to bear arms will not be denied to law abiding Wisconsinites.

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